About Me

For over two decades, I’ve published content on paper, on disk, online through The Clearing House website (below). I continue to provide consulting, copywriting, and editorial support. In addition to web and ebook publishing, I am a freelance writer with an extensive background in current federal income tax code, IRS policies and procedures, and small business software systems.

I started professional preparing individual tax returns in 2008. I became an IRS Enrolled Agent in 2013. I have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. I share relevant tax-related information here, at no charge, on SOHO Tax Tips.  The content here is for educational purposes. It is not specific tax advice.  

Before I turned my attention to the US Tax Code, I earned my living as a corporate accountant. To improve productivity, I started designing and managing accounting software applications running on SCO Xenix (Unix), Microsoft DOS, and Windows operating systems. I became an industry-certified computer technician (Novell Certified Network Engineer, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Trainer, other). I authored several technical books about Microsoft Exchange Server and network security design in 2000-2003. Find additional professional information about me on LinkedIn.

You can also contact me at The Clearing House website. 

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