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IRS Tax Debt Collection In 7 Steps

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IRS Tax Debt Collection

How does the Internal Revenue Service collect a tax debt? They usually follow seven separate steps, but it doesn’t begin until the IRS has made a tax “assessment.”  The Service must send you notification that there is an outstanding balance due. This surprise announcement of “tax debt” typically comes as IRS Form CP2000 or CP2501. This first step is critical in marking the start of the “collection process”.  If you receive a letter from the IRS or either of these forms shown below, it might be a good time to seek outside help from an experienced tax practitioner before you talk to any IRS representative.  Continue reading

A List of Common IRS Notices

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taxesUncleSamIWantYouThe Internal Revenue Service sends out many different documents to taxpayers.  They never contact you by telephone, email, or text message. A family of these documents, beginning with the letters CP for “computer paragraph” are generated by a machine. You can find a complete listing of IRS letters and notices at

Some of the more common CP “letters” are shown below with a brief explanation.  Once you understand what the IRS is requesting from you, contact a tax practitioner for guidance. Do not ignore a letter you receive from the Internal Revenue Service.

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