Leverage Your Marketing Profile

Leverage Your Marketing Profile

There are many do-it-yourself ways to begin marketing your business. A mechanical approach starts with a single piece of directed correspondence that “speaks” to your targeted audience. Call it a sales or marketing letter.

Write this material like a “personalized” message to a “person” rather than a generic speech to the “crowd.”  A sales or marketing letter includes:

  • Who you are (your introduction)
  • What you do best
  • Why the “how/when/where you do what you do” is unique
  • What you charge for what you do
  • What value do you give (your unique selling proposition)

Consider wrapping your marketing message in a personally designed package to a “single” person in your audience. Create a personal connection between you and that “person”.  You do this by conveying a “unique” message that engages the “person”. Tell them how they benefit from your proposed solution.  I often take original content material I sell under a Private Label Rights (PLR) agreement and customize it to match your voice and your target audience.

What can you do if you want professional assistance? Consider hiring a copywriter to write original content or a ghostwriter to publish your unique message in your “voice.”

Where does a copywriter begin?

Where does a hired copywriter begin creating your content? What do they use to produce original, persuasive marketing material? I write for hire. I start with your marketing plan. I compile ideas and create original content for you by leveraging that plan and other provided information. The words I write can stand alone without tag or ownership as plain “copy.” Alternatively, your content will be in your “voice” with your name clearly labeled as its creator. These words, whether you claim authorship, are your intellectual property.

Well-written content requires persuasive facts and background research. The best business content relies on the thorough review of verifiable facts and background material. Ghostwritten content undergoes further scrutiny because the content must carry an identifiable tone and style of a single entity or person. I use your Marketing Plan to frame your “facts” and tell your story; I use your marketing profile to personify your words in your “voice.”

Your Marketing Profile

Your Marketing Profile provides me with information to add flesh and meat to your business message. An identifiable and engaging brand is critical in a world of a growing reliance on social media marketing. The more detailed your Marketing Profile; the better I can bridge the communication gap between your sales proposal and closing your business transactions. I use your brand image to express your message much like an artist selects pigments from a palette of colors to paint a picture.

A ghostwriter, compared to a copywriter, relies heavily on your “profile” to create a “real” dialog between “you” and your “reader”.   Your Marketing Profile, for both ghostwriter and copywriter, is more than nitty-gritty facts; it’s all about how you want to express yourself and “appear” in the online world. Your Marketing Profile is your “brand”, a recognizable representation of who and what you are as a business. Carefully consider your choice of a font style, an avatar, or a palette of identifiable colors for your business because your Marketing Profile will guide you in determining your “social face” and online presence.

Your Marketing Plan

The idea that a business plan is just for bankers and a marketing plan for everyone else in the room is misleading. Consider your business and marketing plan as integrated into one tool that describes your mission, your long-term goal, and all your most pressing tactical objectives. Sales and marketing people thrive on how you answer “frequently asked questions.” Why should you exist as a business? What is your unique selling proposition? What makes you a better provider of a product or services than the existing competition?

An excellent resource for building a business starts with a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (commonly called SWOT) analysis. Share this information with your marketing team because material compiled in this strategic tool is the best source of content for a copywriter. Build persuasive marketing campaigns from these plans. Your Marketing Profile will guide you and a copywriter like me how to communicate your ideas in a consistent manner.

Marketing Plan versus Marketing Profile

A compelling theme in storytelling is the variation on a recurring theme. Effective business content echoes recurring themes like “brand”, quality, and excellence in service. Your content is the vehicle that carries your brand or idea through recurring slogans, a key phrase, a logo, a stylistic font, or identifiable color. The copywriter develops original content based on actions in your Marketing Plan. Your Marketing Profile is the palette of style and tone that brings the details of your action plan to life. Your profile is the glue that connects you with your targeted audience.

Continuity in style, tone and description in all your marketing material is important in communicating a brand to your readers. Consider how even similar content headings or paragraphs in your article will repeat your “brand” across different marketing campaigns over time. Your Marketing Profile adds “flesh and familiarity” to your business’s goals and mission statement. Consider that good consistent content communicates your business message as a recognizable and engaging “identity.”

The typical Request for Proposal

Prospective clients in Request for Proposal often ask: Can you write me a sales letter? How much will it cost? How fast can you do it? I frame my reply in a series of return questions:

  • Do you have any existing advertising material?
  • Do you have any “branded” material? Any uniquely identifiable slogans, phrases, etc.?
  • What is your target market for this campaign? Is there a particular geographical, functional area involved?
  • Is a specialized industry, particular set of skills and features, or unusual needs addressed? Does this service need or use specialized handling?

Your Marketing Plan hopefully has key themes and information I can use to create persuasive marketing material that describes your unique selling proposition. If you hire me to write marketing material, I will start with your Marketing Plan and Marketing Profile. These documents are the flesh, bone, and muscle I need to communicate what your business is about and what you do for your clients; they are my primary source of information for your brand.


  • Your Marketing Plan frames your business “facts”.
  • Your Marketing Profile personifies those facts so you can reach out and engage people.
  • My success as a copywriter in leveraging your Marketing Plan and producing effective marketing material for you depends on your Marketing Plan and your Marketing Profile.
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