Need a Transcript of Your Past Tax Information?

For Tax Return/Account TranscriptsYou can obtain past tax return transcripts from the IRS. If you need copies there are two ways to obtain free copies – tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts. There is no charge for transcripts which are available for the current and past three years. A tax return transcript shows most of the line items from your tax return as they were originally filed BUT they will not look the same; they are not printed on the familiar looking 1040/1040A/1040EZ forms. Also note that it does not show any changes you, your tax preparer, or the IRS may have made since the original filing. A return transcript will in most cases satisfy requirements of lending institutions involved in mortgages or student loans.

A tax account transcript shows adjustments or changes either you, your tax preparer, or the IRS has made after the tax return was originally filed. The transcript will also show basic tax information such as your filing status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income, and taxable income. It is usually just a printout; it is not printed on any familiar forms you use when you file your original tax return.

To request a transcript by telephone, call 1-800-829-1040. Follow the instructions given to you in the recorded message. To request a tax return transcript through the mail, individual filers must complete IRS Form 4506T-EZ, the Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript. This form is for individual filers who use the IRS Form 1040 series. Partnerships, Corporations, and Estates use a different series of forms for filing taxes.

You should expect to receive your requested tax return transcript in approximately 10 business days from the time the IRS receives your request. Allow up to 30 calendar days for delivery of a tax account transcript.

Consult a qualified tax preparer.