A List of Common IRS Notices

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taxesUncleSamIWantYouThe Internal Revenue Service sends out many different documents to taxpayers.  They never contact you by telephone, email, or text message. A family of these documents, beginning with the letters CP for “computer paragraph” are generated by a machine. You can find a complete listing of IRS letters and notices at www.irs.gov.

Some of the more common CP “letters” are shown below with a brief explanation.  Once you understand what the IRS is requesting from you, contact a tax practitioner for guidance. Do not ignore a letter you receive from the Internal Revenue Service.

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Sample for car mechanics – Spring Automotive Maintenance

I recently came across this article and found that it was a great example of this. Included is an excerpt and link back to the original article, but as well I have broken it down to the key concepts and provided those below.

Check out this original article: Credits: Auto Maintenance Tips: Five Often-Overlooked Items

The author is telling us to:

  • Check your fluid levels – brake, engine, coolant
  • Test your battery
  • Confirm air conditioning is working properly
  • Check tires including the spare

Other useful tips about automotive maintenance:

Auto Maintenance You Can Do Yourself  from Swapalease, 1 week ago in Automotive
Even though cars are complex machines, there are maintenance tasks you can perform without expert knowledge. We provide some basic tips that will help keep your car running.

A great video that provides more maintenance information:


State Sales Tax and Your Online Shopping Cart

Excerpted from Crain’s ChicagoBusiness.com October 24th, 2013

Effective Nov. 1, the Midwestern state said sales tax will be added by Amazon to purchases made by Wisconsin residents because the online retailer is opening a distribution center in Kenosha, giving it a physical presence in the state. In states where Amazon has no physical presence, the company does not generally collect the tax, giving it a pricing edge over bricks-and-mortar merchants. Continue reading