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Your 2015 Tax Filing Extension

IRS tax formsRequesting a tax filing extension is relatively easy if you cannot complete your individual income tax return on by April 18, 2016. You have until April 19 to file a tax return if you live in Maine or Massachusetts.

You need, however, to understand the IRS rules and regulations. The following information will demystify the way the tax filing rules work and provide key points specifically about filing an extension for 2015.

Using IRS Form 4868

A request to extend the April 2016 filing deadline is free and will be automatically granted for six months or until October 17, 2016, if you submit your request for a filing extension before the original filing due date. You can submit your application online or by mail.  The reference to instructions for IRS Form 4868 below provides Post Office address information. If you are a US citizen or resident out of the country on April 18, 2016, you have an additional two extra months to file your return and pay any outstanding tax due.

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