Word of Mouth as Social Media Marketing

word of mouth, strategic social media marketingWord of Mouth as a form of social media marketing has influenced people for centuries; the concept existed long before Twitter and Facebook grabbed our collective attention. We have used “Word of Mouth” as a source of all our social activities since people wore fur and hunted small game out on the plains. It doesn’t matter whether a suggestion comes from your Mom, your sister, or a friend. It doesn’t matter whether the words hit your face with warm breath or roll up and down the glass screen on your smartphone. We talk to, trust, and buy stuff from people we know or people our friends and family know more often than strangers! We feel more confident about a message from people we know.

Strategic social media marketing

Strategic social media marketing is selecting the right place at the right time with the right message. Presentation, however, is more than just good timing. Carefully consider how you describe services you offer or the products you make. Your marketing plan commits to paper how your message about what you do will find a way to the mouths of influential people. When people like something, they want to tell their friends and family. Test your written plan and either repeat it or change it. Trust nothing to chance. Check your words until you know your message works. The strategic element in social media marketing is pushing favorable “Word of Mouth” about you into the ears of as many persuasive people in the crowd as you can. When you release a new message, you begin the process again according to your plan with a slightly different message but with the same meaning and intent. Good marketing is building lots of fresh chatter and buzz about how good you are at what you do and how much your product or services benefit other people.

Remember the Town Crier

One way to understand strategic social media marketing is to imagine a wandering town crier ringing a large tarnished bell as he walked through narrow village streets. The Crier shook his bell as he searched for the right corner and a sympathetic crowd. Village people gathered with excitement around the man to hear the news of the day. The “how” and “why” in a strategic social media marketing plan is picking the right corner and the right crowd. Sharing “Word of Mouth” have been a fundamental part of social life for as long as there have been people meeting other people. Our ancestors shared news and opinions when they huddled around campfires outside caves. The only difference between then and now is the speed with which information traveled. Most of us today carry our own personal Town Crier with us in the form of a smartphone applet wherever we go. One person’s words, the crowd’s opinion, and a company’s message can spread within seconds literally around the world.

Strategic social media marketing has grown into a recognizable force because of advances in technology. A marketer depends on digital “Word of Mouth” through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. They influence what we want and when we want something probably because it’s safer to follow our family, our friends, and our digital tribe in thought and action. Social media marketing influences our lives whether we admit it or not. Just like the historic Town Crier, apply social media marketing tools with careful predetermination and precise planning. The power of “Word of Mouth” will surprise you. Knowing how it works will help you ring your bell to attract people to group around you on your very own digital corner.

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